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From the heart of Italy, here are represented sixty years of pure handicraft: this is the secret of the luxurious made in Italy signed by Fratelli Batelini.

All began in 1946 when, in a small workshop now incorporated in the Company, they started to realize the first shoes.

Over the years, the company continued to grow with an industrial asset, but the handicraft goodyear construction and determination that distinguished the production from the start remain unchanged.

During the process from the cutting of leathers to their tailoring, at least 100 people work on the Batelinihoes, which undergo not fewer than 180 handlings.

The leathers and hides, as well as the tanneries and handicarft workshops and all the elements of the production cycle can be found in the area of leather “comprensorio del cuoio” as a guarantee of the good quality of the materials, the processes and the tradition of the Batelini shoes